The truth.
Friday, December 11, 2015

I will just pretend that I was here consistently.

Every single time when I hear his song, it gives a very deep feeling. I don't know how and I don't know why but it will. I can't explain the mechanism behind these feelings. And more than half of the time, I don't even know what is he singing about. Yes, I am a banana. Perhaps, the sound of the song, the rhythm of the beat and the voice keeps it smooth.

He is also one of the reason on why I started playing the piano and the rest of the reason is just pure interest.

But there isn't one that I don't enjoy. Its been long, but sometimes it makes me. Yes it will. NO, I did not miss any word. Cannot reach to the skies.

But I will continue to look after him.

“Throughout the 8 years, your most memorable moment with Nuffnang.”
Monday, March 16, 2015

“Throughout the 8 years, your most memorable moment with Nuffnang.”
To be honest, I have been with Nuffnang for only 4 years. However, through out that 4 years, Nuffnang taught me a bunch. With this, these are my most memorable moment with Nuffnang. 
First, Nuffnang taught me that there are such thing as Movie Screening Premieres! I classified movie premieres as free items. I mean, I don't have to pay for the movie tickets right? I WAS ALL HOO HOO HOO WHEN I KNEW ABOUT THIS. Free stuffs still exist in this world babeh. YAY! High5.
Second, with Nuffnang, I am able to earn money through media platform. While I was at my earlier day of schooling, sharing while earning was a "big hu ha" and all I need to do is to spread the post and hoping that EVERYONE will click on my post. *grins* Of course, it is not that easy. But through out these 4 years, I managed to cash out once I guess? Pretty sad but grateful for the cash. Besides that, each and every post that I have shared to the public had widened my knowledge by reading those media news.  
Basically, Nuffnang directly and indirectly expends my knowledge and experience in these 4 years. Yes, I learned a lot during that period of time. 
Last but not least, I remembered Nuffnang did a Baskin Robbin event before. Well,that was my most memorable moment with Nuffnang. I did blogged about it on 12th September 2012 with the title of CrazyBaskinRobbins - Nuffnang. I believe everyone love ICE CREAM. And I really enjoy the ice cream and getting goodies. Yes, I was a small boy and small boy love free items + ice cream. Oh yes, mentioning about those ice cream, I wish Nuffnang will throw another ice cream event in the near future. I think all of your followers will come. If there's enough for everyone. AND AND AND, the best part was meeting Mr Tim and Ms Audrey at the event as well. I know, I am living under the bridge. *widesmile* 
To conclude this, thank you Nuffnang for all of the exposure and experiences that you gave to me until today! LEARNING and going for the BASKIN ROBBIN EVENT will be MY MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT WITH NUFFNANG.
p/s - Sorry for my broken English. I am not good with my England. 

Thankyou Nuffnang :)
Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Greetings Human! LOL

I would love to take this opportunity to give a big THANK YOU to Nuffnang Malaysia for letting me to explore the community with them. It's been a couple of years since I have been with Nuffnang, being an active and inactive member for certain period and now, I am back on track. The experience along the way with Nuffnang is pleasing. I have been meeting different talents/youtubers/actors and of course the Mr Timothy and Audrey, at the Screening Premieres and it brings the monkey out of me. I know, I am living under the bridge for a long time. Getting to see people like Ernest Ng, Dennis Yin, Dan Khoo and others also got me like a monkey. OKAY, THAT IS JUST A JOKE.

Yesterday I got invited for the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Penguins of Madagascar 2014. Thanks to Nuffnang for the lovely tickets. The movie was directed by Eric Darnell and also Simon J. Smith, both very talented director. The movie depicts adventurous and also comical play. I really love how the penguins could think out of the box at the beginning of the movie, instead of just blindly following other penguins. As the story line progress, the adventure of those penguins gets tougher plus with a little comedy. I guess, that's the mix genre that I am looking for. It can be serious and it can be comical as well. That is the best genre!

Another part where I really love is the part where the North Wind unleashed themselves. I did not expect that would happen in the movie as the previous movies related to penguins was just penguins? This time, North Wind share the spotlight together with the penguins. I could hardly blink or close my eyes for those scenes. It was fascinating! I learned that team work would really work if both of the team is willing to work together.

Oh, besides that, the David eh, DAVE was pretty amazing as well. The story is building up really smooth and nice. The Climax then really killed everything. I was GREAT! Overall, the movie was awesome and I would love to wait for the next movie by the same director if there is in the future. In my opinion, I would rate it 9/10. 

I was feeling a little unwell yesterday but it did not stop me from laughing and smiling for the movie! Well, I am well entertained last night. Thank you NUFFNANG!

I am on their page as well! BOTTOM LEFT. Credits to NuffnangMY. Thankyou. 

#NNPremiereScreening  #PenguinsOfMadagascar, #PenguinsMY and #GSCDBOXMY

p/s- Take note that all of the pictures does not belong to me. Giving credits to the owner. 


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Acupuncture and BloodLumps
Friday, October 17, 2014

Greetings humans. I told you I will be back and this time,  I am back! Alright. So, it had been a journey riding the roller coaster in University and also holidays. Till then, I finally have some time for myself and dedicating my self to recover in every aspect. 

Yes, I had been sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating as well. 
Yes, I grew bigger nowadays!
Yes, no exercise. 
Yes, nothing at all. 

Besides that, I took myself to the acupuncture clinic in hope to cure my retarded leg which had been a very nuisance for me all this while. And the results, fantastic. I experience lesser pain and also lesser swell already. I think, this really work ultimately. I previously had been around a few places in Klang looking for a good master to really help my shits and this turned out good. 

Pictures below will help to show you some procedures. 
BEFORE THAT, IT IS REALLY GRUESOME ! If you're a scaddy cat, please shut your eye balls. It's really bad. You can see those blood lumps on the tissue but just in case you people will faint, I inserted a glare. 

Gosh. Look at my leg, ELEPHANT. 

They did some cupping and sucking the blood out FORCEFULLY. LOL.

I waited for at least a good 45 minutes with a heater beside my leg for I do not know what is the purpose. Probably heat up the blood flow.

The blood lumps showed here is not the best picture. Well oh well, at least it is out of my leg. I think this will last for a good long term? Hopefully.

I got this recommendation from a friend who is kind enough to share some information about the clinic. And it is my turn to share out the information to you guys and girls who wants to get some kind of treatment like this as well. They do have different kinds of treatment according to your sickness. Well, I really like the treatment as the service is good. The doctor do not simply just do it for you but also explained what is it about. In terms of pricing, it varies but I did mine for RM 110 and my mum did her neck and shoulder and also back for RM 120 which is not really expensive. Please do take note that, the results are really impression.


Below is the name card for the clinic. You can use WAZE or GoogleMap to get your ass to there. Please do comment if there's any other questions.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'M BACK ! Its been a while, my last post was on the 7th January. I'm coming back. soon. again. 

2014 - First
Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Oh. HELLO! :)

Yes I disappeared like so long again. This is like a habit already. WELL, PEOPLE COME AND GO. Oh oh oh.

I'm back to say hello only. and pooffff. byeee!


Refresh button applied.
Wednesday, October 09, 2013

How are you people today? It's been a long long time. Yes, I know that every time I am back to my blog site, I will be mumbling the same old statement of being away for a very long time. I just don't feel like blogging the whole last semester. I think it's not in my brain anyway. What I really need is just a basket-ful of solutions. What makes me to blog today, at this very moment? You're gonna be surprised at the end of the blog. 

I think I am gonna start my blog fresh. As fresh as a fresh juice. Lets all pretend that I am actually a noob blogger. Actually, I am. 

Before I start mumbling again, I would really love to give thanks and credit to Alisha Ho for actually spending her time getting my blog to be colorful, and loving, and musical and sky alike background even though she's a little 'BUSY' at times. I want you to know, that things are really awesome with you around. :) 

Here we go. *clearthroats*

I'm Willis Oon. 
I am 21 this year, 2013. 
I'm a full time Student, a Swimming Instructor, a Hong Leong Assurance Agent, I love drums and the most important, 

I am a Dreamer

I spend my time working and studying most of the days. I love learning street smart items and not academic readings. After 3 years of venturing in to Psychology, I am not moving to my majors but I know what am I doing. I want to prove things that is impossible. I am a full time dreamer which had brought me to this stage. I dream of a better standard, thanks to inflation. Being a student and working at the same time does require a lot of attention on both sides and sometimes, unexpected things do pop up once in a while. You know, problems. Meanwhile, studying still goes on. 

I have been in the swimming line for at least 3 years since mid of 2010 up to now and I am grateful to be falling and meeting with such high standard and responsible employers towards their employees. It's always good to have activities with your fellow colleagues. I admit, I have been enjoying working under my bosses. So, if you have any doubts/inquiries on swimming lessons, do call me up sometimes. :D well, at least I will try helping you. 

Being a Hong Leong agent took my motivation up high to the rocking hills. I grabbed knowledge about investments and businesses like sponge and I am proud of my self. CHEH. okay, sponge is like exaggerating. LOL. But yes, I have learned a few things colleges never teach their students in business courses. I managed to proceed my education planning with a little business courses out of my curiosity of what they are actually teaching. I cannot say I did not picked up any lessons but it's minimal. I want to be street smart rather than writing academic papers in Malaysia which will never be successful. I'm sorry, but this is my opinion for very solid reasons of my little secrets. HAHAHA. Thus, I am planning to venture more on investments. For example, investments on girlfriends. JUST JOKING. She will kill me when she sees this. ERASE ERASE.

I think this would be very clear to my self. I'm a dreamer and a dreamer will always be a dreamer. Thus, challenging myself for the next 4 years till I am 25. What can I achieve when I am there? I have been dreaming/thinking, what had I achieved and done in this 20 years. I baked SHITs and URINEs. It is time to achieve more and more. To do or to die and live in starvation. SHOCKING RIGHT? I think it's gonna be challenging and it's not gonna be easy. Sometimes, I am just plain tired and lazy. But it's not right to complain at times.


So, while I was sleeping on the floor just now, just an hour ago, something happened to my brain cells and when I am awake, I decided to blog this. The funny this is that, when I am awake, the format of this post is already there. I just need to type it out. Ah. It's quite complicated. You won't understand. But if you do, THUMBSUP. that's all. 

I need to go now. I NEED TO SHITTTTT ! Nights people. :) 

Next - Port Dickson. 722
Sunday, September 15, 2013

The next trip - CONFERENCE.

Weeks after diving, it's time to Financial Conference in Port Dickson. I know. It's like going for awesome holidays during your semester. Not semester breaks but ONGOING SEMESTER. I always wanted to try that out and I DID IT. Yay-ers. :) And yes, its so much fun.

This is because, you know you have assignments but you still go for holidays. Okay, it's not like holidays but not so bad conference right? Not boring by the way. Enjoyed to the max. Besides that, just threw away all my assignments. Oh. HOW PRECIOUS. The hall was huge, just nice to accommodate around 200+ people. All the Capitalists.

The Conference.

And just like that, I meet several top leaders and businessmen. What an honor. AND AND AND, THE TOP MANAGEMENT OF HONG LEONG. wahhhh. That was sooooooo not in my list. And and and, i'm surrounded by BITCHES BEACHES again.

The Beaches / Boats.

The scenery was a boom. I like taking those pictures. Look at the sunset. okay, I know it's not as good, as sharp, as focused as the rest but I liked it. It's not your business. :) but do teach me if you can. HAHAHAHA. I want ride on the boats weyh. But thinking about boats again, I'm scared of sea sick. It's some feeling that you would not want to live it temporarily.

Okay, so I pledged a 195K for the end year final FYP. GROSS. LOL. I really hope I can. COME ON WILLIS. COME ON. Fighttttttt. In another hand, the speaker is really GOOD. Singaporean but not so kiasu maybe? I don't know. MAYBEEEEE.

The Accommodation. 

The accommodation was superb as well. Not so small, not so big and it's gorgeous. Unfortunately, it's not facing the sea side. If not, it would be complete. I was staying with another guy from Johor. He traveled all the way from Johor up to Port Dickson and that way cool. Do you understand what I'm saying? *accent* LOL. Anyway, he's quite nice himself. Knowledge-able to stay with him because he story me alot about farming and vegetables and fruits and all those disgusting chemicals on the vegetables and fruits. BUT STILL, I AM ALIVE. How thankful. 

The Foods

Accommodation was okay, but the food is disappointing weyh. But still boleh tahan actually. One of the meal for dinner. Well, that's the only meal that I really enjoyed. RENDANGGGGGGG and some vegetables. Oh. Lamb toooooo. Me run like crazy people with parang. HAHAHAHA. 

Photo shoot - bang bang session. 

Not to brag, but it's all like superb cars. Better than LIGHTNING MCQUEEN. HAHAHAHA. That was just a joke. But it's my dream. *motivated now* BMWS, MERCEDEzzzz, AUDI and some sporty cars. I.. I .. I am speechless.

 This is the team, the leaders/ Unit Managers/ Directors / Agency Manager. Or something like that. BOOM. But they are all super friendly. 
 My ultimate Mentor, One of the kind of Leader which builds me up from scratch. I adore you so much! *feelsgay*
My leader - Founder (Philip Lau) and Me. :) ohhhhh. Handsome kannn? 

 Of course, my mentor's wife. :) Getting better everytime. Thumbsup.

Multimillion dolar agency. :) WOHOOOO. 

Last but not least, My handsome face. :) *coughs* okay, just for personal boost. Not necessary same opinion with you readers. Okay? :) BEWARE. 

I will end with this. My slogan. You can as well. Join me if you're interested. :)
Can always look me up at


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Another great adventure of Willis
Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello everyone.

There is good news and also bad news. Which one should I go with first? I think the bad news first. So, I'm kinda closing this blog already. It's been too overdue and I am really lazy weyh. So how? The other news is that, Nahhh. I'm lying. *shakesbackside* Because starting with a boring line is too mainstream. I can't think of any other ways to actually open the blog line again.

So, here I am again getting in to blogging again after a whole full semester. I always wished that I can just continue blogging through out the whole semester where I can 'report' what am I doing to the whole world and very likely I will loose interest in the probably first or second post already? I can see that it's a total crush. Thus, every beginning of the semester break, I will be here. CURRENTLY, I AM. Yikes. Kinda awesome now. Spare me some bone. So let's start riding on the bike and venture into my previous semester activities. 

Lately, Diving is like the very IN thing. Oh. It is for me because things are different down there. Trust me, but the nature below is simply beautiful and completing my Advance course would be the best in the land of awesome-ness, Tioman Island. Another great adventure of Willis, or rather Willis is a great adventure? You decide. 

 Yes, my equipment. :) It's truly beautiful under the sea. *sings under the sea* The mask, weight belt, BCD, regulator, snorkel, and fins. Excited by just listing the name of the gears. Grrrrr.

Oh oh oh. Check out the boat laaaaaa. Okay, you're wondering "Where the hell is the bitch beach, the land of awesome-ness? A H A. It's different this time. It's not the same. It's not the usual beach type kind of dives but the ones where we live in the boat for 3 days. It is called the LOB-Tioman. This would be my first experience living in a boat waiting for dives. Brand new experience and met new people. Look at the boat people, look at it. It's well equipped. Equipped with Not-So-Bad toilet, and bed rooms. I miss sleeping in the boat. HOWEVER, THE SEA SICK SPOILED EVERYTHING! But it's a damn good experience. For the first time in my life, I got sea sick. This is not normal. HAHAHA. Well, at least I'm not the only one getting it. Everyone on the boat experienced it. EVERYONE LITERALLY (except the crews of course). Everyone is like constantly vomiting in the sea. And how strong is your imagination on that? You decide again.

Yes, as you can see below. The tanks is always there. You just have to fit your BCD and then check the equipment yourself. It's a hell of a great sport. I really love how much I can breath underwater and see the things below with not much fear.

One of the rooms in the boat. Okay, it's really comfortable sleeping in the boat. It is like the ones little you cradle babies in it. The feelings cannot be described. I think you have to experience it yourself. It's all sharing rooms, like 9 in a room or 4 in a room or 2 in a room. It's COLD as well.

Besides being underwater, places to dive or beach side, what I really like is the scenery. It's just plain awesome. Check out the pictures above. It's all taken using APPLE IPHONE 3GS. Yes, that's the small device. HAHAHAHAHA. It's pretty clear right? I think it's the skills. JOKES.

p/s: The food on the boat is FANTASTIC. The cooker is really awesome! :) droolingggggggg.

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Clara C - Beautiful
Monday, September 02, 2013

Tell me what I don't know.


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